ChildCentre 8.0
Release 27-11-2015
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ChildCentre cares of children 3 - 10 y.o. who use computer. It does not allow them to work more time than you defined (total time during a day). The most strict parent cannot compete with the program!

There are two ways to organize control of the time a child spends using the computer

1. For smaller children (3-5 y.o.) we propose dedicated programs mode. It this mode ChildCentre counts time only while a dedicated program is run. Before using the program, an adult enters in ChildCentre the list of programs to be run.

2. For older children (5-10 y.o.) we propose absolute time counting mode. In this mode ChildCentre counts time when Windows is running. In the both modes the adult defines total time. The child can spend only that time, not more during a day.

In both modes the parent sets the total time the child can work at the computer during the day.

The child has to finish the current work at the computer before time is out. If he does not do this, the possibility to use computer is terminated by ChildCentre. Then the child cannot use programs at the computer up to the end of the current day.

Besides that

ChildCentre provides performing of eye gymnastics under the guidance of program guide.

ChildCentre allows to have control over several children at one computer. Every child should be provided with the Windows account with the limited rights.

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