ChildCentre 8.0
Release 27-11-2015
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Program distributions

Distributions for downloading are ZIP-files 2 Mb. Each file contains setup.exe to run.

Download Demo edition
  Demo (trial) edition allows you to use the program entirely functional during 90 days. The protection system is built a way which does not allow tricks with the system date and time. If you do any manipulations with the date and time with your computer it terminates the trial period.
Download Free edition
  Free edition allows only "Dedicated programs" mode which is proper only for children up to 5 year old.

No viruses

The program is tested for viruses by the independent software directory: software.informer.

Claim-and-take programme

We would inform you about our "Claim and get free" programme that allows you to get the program FREE if you find it is not worth its price. See details in Claim And Take Programme menu of our company site.

"One purchase" principle

You buy a product only once. Then you can use all further versions and releases free.
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