ChildCentre 8.0
Release 27-11-2015
 About program  
Before buying ChildCentre

Before buying ChildCentre please try its Demo edition which is entirely functional during 90 days! All settings defined for demo edition will be actual when you purchase and install commercial edition. It is important for us that your decision to buy the program would be deliberate.

Commerce version of ChildCentre


When you buy ChildCentre you will immediately get the link to download the commerce copy of the program. Your license key will be sent to your e-mail address you provided.

The license key is set with your name (first name, family name, company title if any) when you start the program first time. The registration is online.

Important: When the key is registered first time the entered name is saved in our database with association with the key and is not changed when you register on other computers. This protects your rights as the license owner. So please be attentive when register the program first time.

After registration you will be able to download fresh commerce versions.

You may install the work program over the trial one; the configuration you have created during the trial period would be maintained.

It is recommended to close working ChildCentre before installation of the new version (release, edition) to avoid necessity to restart computer after installation.
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